Hi, I am

Ars Puja

Just a Web Developer

Just a young man from the village trying to change the world, by learning the machine language of a website. now I am ready to help you solve all your needs about the website..

About ARS Puja

A simple man who is friendly and thoughtful

Hi, I am a very simple person, do not like to invent, easy to communicate even with you who I do not know you at all.

How grateful I am, because God gave me a little excess or ability, so that with great gratitude every day I can smile to this vast world. With this I also hope to help you in resolving any problems related to the website.

I also didn't think that I had mastered the web programming language. I can create a website system according to your requests and needs. In order to get to know me more, how about continuing to scroll down? hehe

Superman and Spiderman would be jealous.



How to explain this? okay, I just need to say that I master the e-commerce system, a type of buying and selling site with multiple levels.


How to explain? okay, I just need to say that I am also good at writing articles, or also classified ads that can attract your customers.

03Web Design

Of course you already know, I'm a frontend developer. Can create an attractive and smooth display system

04Web Development

Of course you already know, I'm also a backend developer. Can create a system structure that is good and right on target

Call me, maybe.



Surabaya, ID